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Glenn Slaby was born in Brooklyn, NY and now resides in New Rochelle, NY with his wife and has one son. He received a B. S. in Accounting from Brooklyn College (City University of NY) in 1981 and an MBA in Management from Fordham University in 1991. After working in the public accounting field he switched to the non-profit account following his ideals. He received his MFA in Creative Writing form the College of New Rochelle in 2019.

He has over 100 published articles and letters. Some at this time have not been downloaded to this site, however, these care on the World Wide Web as well. These include additional articles for Spotlight on Recovery and for the blog of author and mental health activist Mr. Peter Earley.

Glenn suffers from mental illness which did not manifest itself until the early 1990s. Prior to that time he lived unfocused, unsuccessfully striving to achieve beyond his capabilities and desires. Through therapy and later medications some strives were made to live a more complete life. However, this initial diagnosis and medication were completely wrong.

In 2004, after a period of being over-medicated (based on the original misdiagnosis) with no positive results and a long period of unemployment, he was hospitalized 5 times, in 5 months in 2 separate institutions. There more medications were tried and was told nothing more could be done. It was not until the fifth visit where one special doctor looked beyond the charts and into his entire life that a correct diagnosis was discovered. The disorders were then clarified as anxiety and Obsession Compulsive Disorder.

Today he receives various therapies twice a week. Through individual therapy is was discovered that he also suffers from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) occurring during a childhood medical experience and Attention Deficit Disorder has been confirmed. as well. He is also currently on remission from cancer of the tongue.

He writes freelance for various publications and also works part-time at St. Vincent’s Psychiatric Hospital in Harrison, N.Y. where he receives therapy, works with other consumers and gives orientation classes on the patient’s perspective of mental illness for new employees.

He’s a cradle Roman Catholic. Serves as an usher, Eucharistic Minister and maintained positions on the Social Justice and the Right to Life committees as well as the Parish Council and the Inter-religious council of New Rochelle.

He looks forward to hearing from his readers and is always open to suggestions, comments and new ideas.

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